The United Colors of Leica

20130413-L1011245 20130413-L1011256 20130413-L1011284 20130413-L1011286


  1. Love the last picture. Story telling at its best………the smart woman in the dress is introspective, the man is a little insecure, and the girl with the phone is about to get some bad news………it’s like a stagy play………but it’s real life.

  2. Yes, absolutely. The last picture is the winner of this post, by miles. The others are just me showing off the incredible color (to me) that i’m getting from my camera and process. I’ve never dreamed that I could be this pleased with my end color results from an M9/M-E sensor. And I’m over the moon. Thank you again, John!

  3. Oh, and there’s one other factor here. But I’m lying low slightly so I’m not screaming it from the rafters. Picked up an slightly used. 90mm 2.8 Elmarit on Ebay. The last version they just stopped making in 2008. I’d heard great things about it. I’d tried other 90s and found them to be sharp but clinical and no magic at all. But this lens… and I’ll do a ‘review’ on it as soon as I break the news to the mrs that I bought another Leica lens… THIS lens is VERY quickly taking the place (in my heart) of every other Leica lens I own including the 50 Summilux. Color is off the charts. Contrast is the best while not being over the top. Bokeh, and I don’t mean literal specular highlights but just the out of focus areas.. are BUTTER. Classic looking like the out of focus areas of the 35 Summarit that Ashwin Rao declared as the ‘new’ bokeh king. Just look at the OOF areas in the 3rd image… the shirts hanging behind the store counter. This is the best shooting experience (except focusing, which is always tough) I think I’ve ever had. I’m going to stay in this zone and continue painting these color photograph images of LA for as long as me and the gear hold up. 😉

    1. Spending the housekeeping can be risky Don…..but these images are so gloriously dense and totally real……….and the colour makes my mouth water….so very tasty.
      Stay in the zone….

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