Greetings From Last April

Sometimes you’re just not sure about a shot. I take many like that. Sometimes I wonder if those aren’t the actual good shots. Anyway. These three are from last Spring and I’m sure about them now. I’d just acquired my 90 Elmarit and although I’d seen incredible results already, I was still trying to figure out how to focus that lens on the fly. Now I realize I never will and have resigned myself to that reality. 😉 Please enjoy responsibly.

20130317-L1007618 20130317-L1007643


  1. I think I know exactly what you mean. The same thing happens to me. The nice part is that when you go back through the archive, it’s like finding all these little treats here and there 🙂

    1. Oh, I will be posting a sort of mini-review of the 90. It is ridiculous. I’m speaking of the latest version they just recently stopped manufacturing a few years ago. Unreal lens. Unreal. Difficult to focus though.

      1. Well, I tend to agree, even if it’s difficult for me to say as most of my shoots on 35mm and 50mm are leveraging hyper-focal and I really need to set focus when opening to f1.4>f4.0 ….

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