Syrian Protest in Los Angeles

Love seeing those who hail from these beleaguered nations where their friends and family are living under murderous regimes enjoying the freedom we have in the US to protest those situations. M7, 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH, Walgreens 200.

Originally published here in November 2012 but after reading a recent article on the atrocities the regime in Syria has perpetrated against children, I think unheard of in any of our lifetimes, I wanted to repost these images as a reminder of the continuing hell that is Syria.


  1. Hi Donald, really nice colour shots there and throughout your blog. Love the quality/colour from your film scans and be real interested in your scan method.

    1. thank you, cider eye. i’m just using the inexpensive plustek negative scanner. it comes with silverfast software which I think is very good stuff. never have even thought about dust or scratches on the negatives. i’ve settled on one of the ‘profiles’ fujifilm 400 speed. I don’t really bother changing that anymore as I just didn’t see that matching the profile to the film brand or ISO had a positive effect on the scans. Although I have to admit that most of the images I’m scanning lately are Walgreens film that’s either 200 or 400 ISO and it’s said that Walgreens film is actually Fuji. Whatever it is, I love that film better than anything else I’ve shot.

      As far as method… about the only thing I’m doing is adjusting for color differences of shots taken in different light. That’s pretty easy to do with the software. I do it by eye and sometimes it’s not the best job. I scan now at 3200 resolution. That’s about the size of it. (sorry for the pun) Glad you like them. I’m so torn about continuing to shoot film or shuck all of this and plan my photography around the coming new digital M.

      thank you


  2. Excellent documentation, Donald. It is certainly a devastating situation over there and those of us who live in countries like the US and Canada should consider ourselves lucky. Our problems are small in comparison.

    I read in your comment above that you are getting an M? Nice! Mine arrived yesterday and I’m absolutely loving it! Looking forward to sharing thoughts and impressions about the camera.

    1. Oh I eventually got tired of waiting for an M (this is a repost from a while ago) and bought an M-E. Enjoy your new M. And thank you. So many trouble spots around the world but Syria and the atrocities there are beyond the pale.

      1. Yeah, haha, I realized that just after I posted the comment! So far, I’m loving the camera. Such a nice change from shooting with a bulky Canon DSLR. Now…I need to save up for the Leica lenses I want!

        I think about the past few decades how the world – although improving in many areas – really hasn’t changed all that much, has it? Hopefully someday, humanity can find common ground and end conflicts in a reasonable, non-violent way.

  3. I do not take my freedom for granted and the suffering of our brethren around the world does not go unnoticed by me ..You have captured their plea for help very well..all well done shots
    Syria is an awful mess now… thank you for noticing

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