Syrian Protest in Los Angeles

Love seeing those who hail from these beleaguered nations where their friends and family are living under murderous regimes enjoying the freedom we have in the US to protest those situations. M7, 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH, Walgreens 200.

Originally published here in November 2012 but after reading a recent article on the atrocities the regime in Syria has perpetrated against children, I think unheard of in any of our lifetimes, I wanted to repost these images as a reminder of the continuing hell that is Syria.

I’m With These People: NO on Bombing Syria

These images are from the rally yesterday in front of the Federal Building in Westwood, CA. The people of the United States have had enough. We don’t want to be that country anymore. We have so many problems here on our own soil. Let’s become the model for the rest of the world, not its police force.






And finally, just…


Iranian ‘Green Revolution’ Protest Images

Covering and getting good images from a protest is almost a no-brainer. People are demonstrative, they have cool and colorful signs, there’s always a strong element of drama or, sometimes, comedy.

One of the best go-to tips for getting great protest shots (as demonstrated in these shots) is to GET LOW and STAY THERE!

Shooting from below the eye level of your subjects in these circumstances enables you to both fill the frame with and to elevate, so to speak, the individuals in your images which, I believe, augments or makes larger maybe the significance of their message. (If you’re shooting a neo-Nazi demonstration, on the other hand, you might want to bring along a step ladder.)

Also, seriously, keeping your head down might save you from catching a thrown object or a tear gas canister in the back of the noggin. It serves to keep you out of the picture (and pictures) as well. You’re less a part of the story and maybe your subjects will be more likely to look past you and get on with their protestations as opposed to reacting to you and your camera’s presence.

Getting low reminds the protesters that you are there to cover what they are doing and not to interact with them or get posed shots.

A protest at night, with great colors, great gear like the Nikon D3 and the super fast colorful 50mm 1.4 Nikkor-G, attractive and passionate Persians, all combine for some pretty dramatic pictures. All images were taken in front of the Federal Building in Westwood, CA.

Anyway, thanks for looking.