Street. Photography. Literally.

L1061844-EditYes, feeling tapped out and bereft of actual subject material I’m just going to now start taking pictures of the fricking asphalt. Please enjoy responsibly.



  1. that’s a nice street, i must say. XD

    you know that’s be a cool project though! taking pictures of different streets and calling it….. “the many faces of asphalt” XD —seriously though! i think that’d be… rad (someone said that to me recently and i’ve chosen to try bringing it back into style 😛 ).

    ….. you know i might just have to steal my own idea now. XD “the many faces of college life” 😀 x)

    1. lol. I did think of doing that. this post originally had four pictures and I thought I would begin a longer effort of shooting the actual street. I changed my mind though. 😉

      I thank you on behalf of the intersection.

  2. Now it might just seem like asphalt to you but I know it’s different for me. I see a fire hydrant of a type we don’t have, the shape of the signs are unusual for us, the colour of the air itself has a different hue. There are so many different features than what I am accustomed to seeing. And we’d call it tarmac. 😉 So no inspiration for you Donald is still a treat for me. 🙂

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