Winogrand at the Met: The Genius of His Reviled Late Works

donald barnat /

There’s an anecdote buried deep inside the footnotes of the catalog for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Garry Winogrand survey that speaks volumes about the present exhibition. In it, his better known contemporary, Lee Friedlander, watches Winogrand release the shutter of his camera with nearly every passerby encountered on a New York street. Thirty years after Winogrand’s quick dispatch from cancer in 1984, Friedlander’s shocked response to his friend’s incontinence appears more informative than lapidary: “Garry, you’re not photographing, you’re taking the census.”

via Garry Winogrand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Genius of His Reviled Late Works.

donald barnat /


  1. I was able to go see his exhibit in DC last month and loved it. Thinking of the going to the Met next week when I am in New York.

    1. I would love to see that. I have to admit, I’m actually not the biggest Garry Winogrand fan. I sympathize with him. 😉 And I love great images and he sure took some memorable ones. One thing though connects me to him and that is I’ve watched the films of him doing his thing on YouTube. And I was struck how much it reminded me of me. It wasn’t a good moment for me either. That realization. It’s not a particularly attractive way of using a camera. And I don’t often or always shoot that way. But it was very familiar looking, maybe a bit too familiar. 😉

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