Basically, Why I Bother to Live and Shoot…

20131108-L1035083One of my favorite crazy light spots. The grit and color of real people living real lives. The 50mm Leica Summicron doing what it does and has always done. Nailing reality to a frame of film or to a digital camera sensor. I’ve got nothing else to say.


  1. I find you one of the best photographers I’ve known. There is that patience with humanity in your shots that I often miss elsewhere.

    1. Rosa those words are so beautiful to wake up to. Thank you so much. I am so focused on the presentation that people make of their lives as displayed on their faces and their gestures and mannerisms. I don’t know that it’s important to do that or see things the way I do but I have felt somehow that it is. It’s the old standard that if I find it so interesting than I can hope or assume that other people might also. And I hope that’s the case. It certainly is in the case of this wonderful painter from Spain named Rosa. So kind and generous with your comments. Thank you so much as always.

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